Musings on Contemporary Waffle

“Hi hansomm, I wwant your loove”.

The great, big Viag(a)ra Falls

According to my inbox today, size matters and I should care.

Despite everything, “Natasha” is in love with me and wants me to click on her link to experience her insane desire. (No worries, Trojan included).

Does she know my size?

And I’m chronically low on Viagra, it seems, and running out of meds I’ve never heard of that all come from Canada — land of the most Niagara Falls of them all.

Is it Natasha’s lack of spelling ability that’s corrupted our own ability to spell words we knew how to spell before? Is this why people now write Niagra instead of Niagara? (Kudos to Pfizer‘s symbolism department).

That’s not all!

I’ve won $600M!! All I have to do is send $5000 to claim it!

Alas, I have only one more chance to upgrade my computer before it




Oh, “Natasha”! Could this be true?

And all I have to do to find out, is ‘click’ on her magic link in her magic email from nowhere?

“Natasha” tells me to do it.

“Natasha” wants me to do it!

She whispers, “Do it”.

“Doo it!”

“Juuust DOOOO ITTT!”

We’ll close our eyes, and off to sleep we’ll drift with a Vicodin from ‘Canada Pharmacy Online’, ‘Niagra Falls’ descending off its cliff as it’s ever done, while that cynical cyber tooth-fairy leaves me yet another sad surprise under my mouse pad in the morning.



“Having trouble accessing your accounts?”


Oh, ‘Natasha’…!

Not that Trojan!

(this post is virus-free! You can click anywhere you want. Really.)

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