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“While you bleed to death.”

One of my readers has taken exception to the impeachment rhetoric overflowing since Wednesday’s announcement by Nancy Pelosi that the current president of the United States will be undergoing an impeachment investigation for his self-revealed collusion attempt with Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine, to find some impropriety connected with Joe Biden and his son, in return for weapons to fight the Russians poised at Ukraine’s eastern frontier. Gosh, lots to discuss, according to this reader:

“The impeachment inquiry that is about to engulf the current president of the United States is something most people have got completely wrong, on both sides.

I have heard the Democrat side say that the decision to go forward with an impeachment inquiry was unavoidable, given the collusion evidenced by Mr. President’s attempt to shakedown the president of Ukraine for the US president’s own benefit against his perceived scary-boo-boo political rival.

And I have heard the Republican Party’s pathetic arguments to discredit that stance, straining to see nothing there but the goodness and honesty they constantly intuit emanating from their Dear Leader, D. Trump.

But what has been got wrong by everyone is, simply, that this is not the 5th (or so) impeachment process ever undertaken in these United States.

It is, in fact, the FIRST impeachment.

And it should be considered to be the first one for the very best reasons the Founding Fathers could come up with.

I mean — before, we had some guy not agreeing with a Civil War lost by his side (Andrew Johnson)? Pass.

Next, a dude who stole documents from the Democrats to find weaknesses he could use in the next election? Not really earth-shattering, though he high-mindedly quit anyway (Richard. M. Nixon).

Then, one ‘Mr. Bill‘ lied about getting blown to completion by a luscious intern who was not his wife?

Bad. Bad, Bill.

But, who cared?

The free world did not hang in the balance after any of these previous impeachment attempts.

Come on.


No other impeachment attempt has actually meant anything for the world, except the one about to consume the current President of The United States.

Colluding with a foreign power to make your chances better to get re-elected, especially when that “power” is Russia, is the killer.

It’s the impeachment of impeachments.

And, just to drive the point home — you pussy-grabbing shite-wipe (and, in my (foreign) language, “peach” means “pussy”, so the irony is BIG) – so …. The fruits of your efforts (sorry…) are that you dead, man.

You dead, man.

You grabbed the wrong one, this time, all pink and lovely as you probably thought it was. Shame on you, you shameless piece of shit.

Behold your nemesis, one Nancy Pelosi, just like you like ‘em, in pink and everything – except this one will chop those fingers off and feed them back to you, while you bleed to death.

Nancy Pelosi, in her anti-pussy-grabbing pink pant-suit.

Sue me if you think I’m naïve. But this impeachment is the only one that qualifies as a “real” one. And it rolls into it the justice of a powerful woman taking down an abusive little boy who has stepped outside into a wilderness of strong women, men, and other citizens, who have had enough of lies, perversion, corruption, and stupidity.


And, so, it is the only one that matters if America is to continue to matter in the world, above all other countries and their piss-pot dictator cock-wipes who should actually be afraid of America – the Putins, Xi’s, and Un’s of the world, and Johnson’s, and Farage’s, and myriad racist militant psychopaths ready to upend your Sunday with a world view that benefits only their fears and weaknesses, against your efforts to educate yourselves and work fairly and freely towards acceptance of the differences of those who are from elsewhere but like us, and the aristocratic tendency of nature to favour those who have dug deeper, thought more, felt more passionately, and understood evil to a point where they can recognize it in the political piss-pots who think we are not smart enough to know what is right and what is wrong.

All of our black, brown, and other friends, our women relatives in the form of our daughters, mothers, and lovers, and the children who will inherit this world of meaning and meaninglessness, must feel that this “impeachment” effort is different, and valid.

This is the one that will determine if America remains the lighthouse against the rest of the world crashing against the rocks of intemperate despotism and incoherent misunderstanding of democratic principle.

There have been no other impeachment attempts worthy of this one; it is the first real one, and the one that has to stick, if the impeachment provision of the United States Constitution is to have any meaning or relevance, at all. Think I’m dramatic? Look at this degenerate white boy struggling to keep his world together with grotesque claims that what we’re seeing is not happening and that it’s really Obama and Hillary who should be jailed (yada, yada, yada).

A Republican.

Shall we put up with this, by being scared of Mr. Jordan, and of Mr. Trump, or will we finally tell Mr. Jordan, and Mr. Trump, instead to get out of our faces before we bash their stupid, impertinent faces in?

Well, there will be an election in 13 months, and Mr. Jordan and Mr. Trump may be surprised to find themselves, finally, in the dustbin of history. Finally. Finally.”

Phew! Tempers sure are running high.

Running high.

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