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Living in Canada gives me a perspective on the world that’s a little different than, well, yours. Though I live here, I’m not from here. I’m from, um, somewhere else. It’s not important to say from where. It may suggest itself as my opinions and observations eventually spill forth here at the Tinypriest Blog. But, suffice it to say, wherever I’m from, ‘difference’ has always interested me. Because, I’ve been confronted with difference daily, since childhood, having come from that other, different, place (wherever it may be ….).

And, that “difference without a difference” has been the dichotomy along which I’ve precariously navigated my life.

Above all, I suspect that if we ever all had the same opinion, we wouldn’t last very long as a species.

We would quickly be run over by the cheetahs and the vines, a result of having the same opinion being equivalent to having no opinion at all, making it impossible for us to take into account enough to save ourselves from ourselves.

This wonder at difference includes the astonishment of seeing ones gurgling, helpless infant grow to become an articulate adult effortlessly arguing a point of view that is uniquely hers and no longer the same as mum’s or dad’s. It is as much a shock as it is a wonder to have to accept that ones own closest is also different, but also the same. And one (me) then writes from the point of view of a protective father.

So, now, you know what I am “about”.

And, when one then lifts one’s head to gaze again at the horribleness of reality, I hope that you will find something here both personal and collective that will make you pleased to find an ally who does not believe all is lost in a world of political crap-shoot; as long as we harden our efforts to be ourselves, and steel ourselves to the consequences of believing our hearts.

Anyway; your thoughts are always welcome on: the TinyPriest Blog.

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