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Something About Hillary

In response to the earnest Frank Bruni this week: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/12/07/opinion/sunday/frank-bruni-hillary-2-0-would-be-hillary-xx.html

Hillary Clinton

It is fallacious to look at Mrs. Clinton as a woman who has scaled heights unknown to other women in America all on her own terms.

We are not looking at an Angela Merkel or a Margaret Thatcher. Mrs. Clinton remains President Bill Clinton’s wife. Mrs. Clinton became senator from New York because she was President Bill Clinton’s wife. Mrs. Clinton became Secretary of State because of President Barack Obama, who recognized that Mrs. Clinton was President Bill Clinton’s wife.

A capable wife, but nevertheless the capable wife of an enormously popular former president.

In her own right, however, Mrs. Clinton lost to Mr. Obama because she appeared to tell mistruths when cornered, when she could have given much better responses if she were better qualified.

As Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton did little to ameliorate what would soon after her tenure erupt into quagmires for America: the Syrian paradox; the nagging Russian/Soviet status quo now shown in full force brought against Ukraine; any perception of ISIS; and the rise and fall of Egypt, from Spring and back to Winter.

Examining her answers to questions about America’s problems and the world’s distresses should be the main focus upon her candidacy, as it should be for any other candidate. Deep down, at the core of people’s beings, they will want to see again whether Hillary Clinton is qualified.

Giving her a leg up for being a woman is hardly what America should be worried about in an increasingly complex world that will only be more so in two years time.

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