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Debate #1: Winning On Points was Not Enough


What is disturbing about the current presidential campaign season is not that Donald Trump has succeeded with his asinine incompetence and little conception of his utter unsuitability for being president of the United States. It is that Hillary Clinton can’t take this bastard down.


In my view, even Trump’s own supporters, such as they may be, would be swayed by a show of passion from Mrs. Clinton against this silly, inadequate man. Maybe she is saving it for the next two debates. Maybe her timing is going to be perfect and she’ll throw the spear in the final debate, closest to election day. I just bloody well hope so. Because another tepid performance by Hillary like the one performed today will only give the advantage to this offensive, lying, louse. This is not a time for “tsk tsk” eye-rolling. This is a war Hillary can only win by slaughter.


It’s hard to accept that the wife of a man as capable and complex as Bill Clinton can’t find the hook to haul this oafish urchin Donald Trump out of the slippery deep and finally beach him so he’ll bloat in the full day’s sun for all to see, exposing him finally as the grotesque and ineffectual specimen that he is. A woman can do this much better than a man can, especially a woman who has had the life that Hillary Clinton has had.


Hillary was not born wealthy. She became who she is through study, work, and smarts. People forget – and somehow Hillary has made us forget, because she seems to have always been around in the public consciousness – that her achievements – not only as a woman but as an individual – have been remarkable. There has never been a wife of a president who has gone on to have the political career that Hillary Clinton has had, and who has now become the first female candidate of a major US federal political party.


Certainly, Mrs. Clinton’s stataus as the wife of former-president Bill Clinton has helped. But it has been up to her to do the work once in place. We take this achievement for granted, and are even tempted to believe that some real estate developer from New York with little clue of diplomacy and no grasp of America’s precarious alliances with foreign powers, can be a worthy alternative to holding what is still the most important political position on earth.


I am left with one question after today’s first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: where is Hillary’s soul and why isn’t she channeling it to slice this piece of shit of a man in half?


What Hillary failed to do tonight was not only to “win the debate” – which she did – but to eviscerate Donald Trump with outraged logic, directed contempt, and a feminine acumen for striking exactly at the foolishness of a man like him.


The offensiveness of Trump against his female opponent is incredible. Not once did Trump call Hillary by her name, referring to her instead as “she” or “her”, as if Hillary were some deaf-mute cleaning woman standing on the stage beside him – a non-entity in the TV reality-show star’s consideration. Watching tonight’s debate between the two candidates for president, I hoped for something that showed itself only fleetingly, Hillary going after this ugly man and skewering him with a woman’s understanding of the grossness of his stupid facetiousness.


This is not a man to waste another canned sound-bite on, but one you go after on every word that’s a lie, catching him at every inanity and, with a serious, almost horrified look, cut him up and serve him back as the ground shit sandwich that this man is. Why didn’t she do this? I can only hope it’s a strategy she is saving for next time. But time is getting short.


This pig of a man, who has denigrated Mrs. Clinton and lied incessantly about her time in public life; this racist jackass, who has endangered the lives of ethnic minorities, as well as of the white people he so covets who then become targets of lunatics of all stripes, then goes on to spread cockamamie drivel about America’s standing in the world and about the supposed failures of earnest, productive people of all colours.


I am sure that I am in the majority here. I have to be, or America will be in terrible trouble. Who can reconcile the advantage to squander what Donald Trump has been able, through five bankruptcies, and believe that this is a virtue? Is it perhaps a single percent of us? Who can possibly feel represented by this man who speaks only about how he has outwitted the tax man – and thereby made the tax burden higher for others? Who believes that this man, who seems to speak only about his own self-worth and his own family’s success, will work tirelessly, selflessly, for our benefit for the next 4 years?


To think that there is a large minority of people out there who believe that this stupid, infantile creature can change lives for the better in a world infinitely more complex than he seems to be able to imagine, makes me quite scared for the future of the USA. If he really does ascend to the presidency, the unfriendly world will move briskly to trip up this over-confident dilettante, to the peril of all of us.


If Donald Trump wins, the US will become the target state, upon whom it will be open season by despots infinitely more sophisticated than Mr. Trump can fathom to outsmart and control.


Please. He thinks he’s smart? In the realm of the clever despot he is the ridiculous clown who walks away with his pants pulled down around his knees, like the 12 year-old among bullies in a playground. The “deal” that he is the artist at bringing about is impossible to recreate when your adversaries don’t care about your money. These other men, whom Donald believes he can “negotiate” with, have many more billions than he has, stashed away, cleverly and stealthily. Only a stupid fool could think that this grubby real estate man will intimidate the leaders of Russia, China, and North Korea. Donald Trump’s jugular will be slit in about 10 seconds, stealthily and quietly, and without any signs of blood. Not even Donald will know he’s been taken. What will his solution be then? To bankrupt all of America in a hope of renegotiating better terms? Fool.


Agreements will be suspended due to this idiot’s careless rhetoric. Then, technologies will be stolen when American companies are denied access to their own manufacturing agreements; and arms will be proliferated farther outside of international agreements; and the territories of our allies will be further threatened, and possibly invaded. Why not? If I were a despot dealing with a ninny, that’s what I would do.


Donald won’t understand that his words mean nothing when they are influenced by a divided nation suddenly weakened by his own accusations of weakness and unsupportable threats of retaliation against America’s enemies. America’s enemies already know that it is the weakest of America who support him. Many of these supporters have already lost, because they have not adapted their thinking to include the majority of Americans in their view of their country. What a relief for America’s adversaries – and who is not an adversary of America? Let’s not be blind and mute – that the smartest will have been stomped on by the followers of Trump, perhaps otherwise good people backed into a corner they could not come out of swinging hard enough. Life is tough. But not as tough as it will become under Donald Trump when he lets those people down, and sacrifices the ones who could turn it around.


As the latest Screaming Mimi, I hope this post becomes a laughable relic once Donald Trump is defeated on November 8, 2016. Until then, Hillary Clinton has to get visceral and do the equivalent of cutting this man’s dick cleanly off, and right in front of America, on National TV. Get personal, Hillary; get focussed, express a vision of the country you want to lead; and don’t roll your eyes again in haughty displeasure, please, until you’ve got that thing sliced clean through and ready to stuff down this dangerous moron’s disgusting gob.


An ounce of prevention. Let’s look at it that way.

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