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Telling the truth? Not to the best of his recollection

Corey Lewandowski, askew.

If anyone needed evidence for why America has a system of laws intended to hold the powers of State accountable for the job they are entrusted with performing for our benefit – including holding all the minions who aspire to go those one-or-two levels up the ladder to achieve even more impunity- I mean responsibility – they got it yesterday at Corey Lewandowski’s House Judiciary Committee hearing about his time working for the current President of the United States.

An analogy will help to elucidate the point made clear by the proudly (and profoundly) un-Harvard educated but otherwise self-reverential Corey’s complete disdain for what that American flag pin he sports is supposed to stand for.

Let’s say you live in an apartment building that is otherwise fine but for the occasional cockroach that emerges askew into your frame of view to sprint across your countertop from somewhere out of the shadows behind your otherwise dutiful GE kitchen stove or lovely pre-tarrif imported microwave oven.

It is not unusual or unexpected that such creatures can come on the scene when they have the opportunity to do so, from out of nowhere (even from Massachusetts).

If we had no means with which to deal with these creepy life-forms, they would eventually take over, leaving us little room to exercise our free will and enshrined rights to combat their influence, and little choice but to succumb to them.

In case the meaning of my analogy escapes you, for some reason, it is that your peace-of-mind about your ability to fight against the scrappy miscreants who come fully-formed out of the shadows to test your rights to expect and receive accountability from elected and unelected public officials – this after centuries of struggle for empowerment of the individual against the State’s assumption of impunity, as inherited from the great British democratic tradition and French experience of revolution and unfortunate tyranny, then honed into a semi-workable American Constitution of law and values by the Founding Fathers of the United States — is what is at stake in these Congressional hearings.

Without the rule of law and the willingness by all political participants, now increasingly not including the increasingly undemocratic GOP (Grand Old Pinochet party?) — Americans would be powerless to resist those who want something for themselves at the expense of the erosion of the rights and privileges possessed by the rest of the citizens and resident aliens of the United States.

Allow me to belabor the point a little further. At any time, an insolent turd like Corey Lewandowski could weasel his way into power by ingratiating himself with an even more unworthy but more powerful political figure, like the current President of the United States, and run rough-shod over due process; make fun of Congress and members thereof not affiliated with the said GOP; dismiss questions he doesn’t like that he is regardless required to answer; and generally heap disdain with impressive gusto and abandon on those who take the laws of the United States seriously.

Welcome to the cockroach nest of the current presidency (though scrappy Corey was fired from it a while back, much to his obvious lament).

Corey’s obfuscatory “testimony” also led me to wonder if these people expect us to believe that operatives like him have made it into the rarified reaches of the highest levels of power in the United States by being dunderheaded clods who simply cannot remember anything they ever said to anyone, even when a video is played back of them saying it, or an excerpt is read back to them from one of their own “two [failing?] New York Times best” selling books.

Who believes this man?

I’ll tell you what would happen to a senior manager at my company who would ever claim to not have recollection of an important meeting where vital decisions were made about the future of the company, or couldn’t say if a situation was good or bad for the company’s future, or where he/she was or wasn’t when an important event took place at which they were evidentially present.

In my company, such a person would be regarded as an incompetent, and she/he would be removed, eventually, from any decision-making role at the company.

But, I guess, we are to believe that, in the government of the current President of the USA, there is more latitude for forgetfulness and incompetence.

Or, maybe Corey is simply lying to us in scornfull dismissal of us as impediments to his ambition.

I’ll take the both likelihoods for $500, Alex.

And so, now is the time in this screed of mine to add the obligatory sense of gratitude for the rules that still exist that allow for the questions of these insidious agents of awfulness to be asked in the first place.

As such, we can still make our own decisions about the content of a person’s character and act upon them through our elected officials, such as they are, upon identifying for ourselves the man who turns out to be little more than a bug crawling around our table, brandishing an American flag to try and fool us about his real intentions and about what he really thinks of us.

Otherwise, little else would be standing in his way as he scurries, with no recollections and a charlatan’s stone-face, back into the shadows of his creepy ambition for all that comfortable, unaccountable power.

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