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Why Trump is Winning, So Far.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

To me, there is one very obvious reason for why Donald Trump has continued to win in the Republican Primaries. People are sick and tired of the doorknobs who are running against him, and sick and tired of being played for suckers by them.

Mr. Trump is not the smartest policy wonk out there, to say the least, but he’s got a personality, which is a characteristic already head-and-shoulders beyond anything that his nearest rivals can offer against him.

This election cycle’s nominees for the Republican leadership have possibly been the most pathetic group of manipulative, over-weened pathological political liars, deceivers, and delusional no-minds that America has ever been faced with. There was not a single candidate who seemed to have a smidgen of personality or talent for impressing the common folk who want to hear someone say that shit has to change, and now; and say it with some balls. You know?

Especially missing from those other campaigns has been a certain sincerity that people hope for; a signal that you are with the folks who come out to vote, a true blood who can skin the cat when necessary.

Trump will skin that cat, or he says he will (Mexicans, Muslims, George W. Bush’s legacy), even though we all know that he probably won’t be able to, really. But Republican’s want to hear him say it, and he has.

That’s a Republican, someone who will skin a cat in front of you, for all the right reasons that he’s got listed in his book of virtues, and he expects his President to say he’ll do likewise on the world’s stage. Donald Trump acts as if he knows that his rivals can’t emanate those vibrations from their nether regions the way he can, and he is right.

Donald has gone through the wringer of winning big and failing big, making and losing serious fortunes, while his rivals in politics have prostrated for donations like the whores on Jarvis Street. Like a guy in his 13th hour in an airless conference room, who’s long ago figured out his rival’s weakness, Donald Trump continues to push the negotiation towards his advantage, and he knows that he will get what he wants in the end.

Rubio and Cruz have been outfoxed by the guy who shows up without notes and calls them dorks. In the America of today, post 9/11, post 2008, post a two-term black president, post same-sex marriage, post homegrown terrorism – post all of those milestones of illusion shattered – there has been a quiet decision among even Republicans that enough is enough and they’re not going to be played by their own side anymore with the money and shenanigans propping up the phoniness of a Ted and Marco.

People still remember the common touch of Ronald Reagan. None of the candidates for the Republican nomination for 2016 – except perhaps Donald Trump – has come close to creating that kind of familiarity in the conservative soul.

These Republican voters have decided that Trump is the only one with a heartbeat and a brain that seems to be functioning in real time. He’s not the smartest, but he is the cleverest at cutting through to that enigmatic essence of conservatism in today’s America.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

The fact that he’s going to lose to a real operator – Hillary Clinton – won’t diminish his achievement of outfoxing the foxes of his own party (and Fox). And it will make Hillary’s win that much more significant to have defeated the clever boy no one expected to go so far, but who, in the end, will not know enough to skin the ultimate cat, named Hillary.

Nice try, Donald. But it will be Hillary in November. After two terms of a black president, it will be time for America to make history again, by electing a woman president this time, and a formidable one.

Because a majority of America will decide – again – that it still needs someone who has more than just balls.

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