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Twitter Needs To End

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Yikes, a reader writes:


I have never warmed to Twitter. The premise of an artificially restrictive “platform” for communicating that allows you only a few dozen letters to complete your thought has always struck me as imbecilic.

And now, the world’s most famous user of this idiotic platform has become the President of the Great Again.

Seriously, who are these shits in downtown San Francisco who pretend that they are benefiting humankind with their ridiculous platform, when they allow toxic diatribes without sanction from an unworthy president of the United States, at whatever ‘tweet’ length?

If Twitter had a sense of propriety they would have cancelled Donald Trump’s account by now.

This full-of-themselves start-up is aiding and abetting the corrosion of the American political system by allowing a person who should follow the rules of government communications to stick to official channels, instead of spew vomit with impunity on his unsupportive and unsupported constituents.

Let Mr. Trump reach a deal with some KKK-affiliated network instead. The same platform that allows Black Lives Matter and Amnesty International to announce their activities should draw the line at semi-retardation in the President of the United States.

I will be more blunt. If I was to meet one of the leaders of this doomed spitual of a ‘communications’ enterprise, still brazenly accepting millions from ‘backers’ desperately hoping they will increase the tweet length to, I don’t know, 288 letters, I would spit in their God-dammed faces.

You are providing a platform to the recklessness of a powerful idiot. How is this different than allowing the tweeting of a rant by someone who wants to kill and maim? If you bring up some bullshit nuance that a nut with a gun is more dangerous than a nut who is president, then you need to be shut down.

Who are you to assume that you have the privilege to allow the harming of the country? Who are you to assume that you don’t need to question the appropriateness of Donald Trump using your private platform to propagate his public divisiveness, as if he were just some harmless nut from the suburbs?

You have assumed a right that you have not earned. This right has been blindly allowed by default because there has been no recourse yet established to force you to terminate the cancer of Donald Trump’s tweets.

You think his emanations are just that, ‘tweets’, like the product of the tweetie bird you’ve blithely adopted as your benign mascot? Your arrogant, Bay-area numbness to your effect on society is disturbing, and, I hope, will soon be considered an offense. Silicon Valley once made things and supported causes.

You support only your own stinking reason to exist.

Get a grip on your morals. Change your desperate and so-far self-serving “Terms Of Use”. Terminate Donald Trump’s account, now.


Gee, maybe she’s right.

2 comments on “Twitter Needs To End

  1. eurobrat
    October 16, 2017

    Wow. I can’t completely disagree. When Twitter first came into existence, I thought it was evidence of our society devolving, as our attention spans became ever shorter. Now the short attention span platform has become center stage for the short attention span President. Well, there’s a reason why I prefer to hang out in the blogosphere 🙂

  2. oenyaw
    May 23, 2019

    I got a Twitter account and never used it. I have a problem with the verb “to follow”. I’m a human being, a working individual, a degreed professional, and a mediocre but creative musician. I “follow” no one.

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